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FREE Pickup and Recycling Services for Schools, Corporate and Commercial. Computers, Cellphones, IT and Electronic Waste.

We operate a Free Collection Service in the Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and Waikato regions

Batteries we recycle:

Li-Ion, LiFePO4


Lead Acid

Individual cells or full battery packs!

Scrap Computers & IT Recycling

Scrap Computers, Laptops, Servers, and IT equipment, gets checked over and assessed, all items get the data erased, checked and tested, any items where possible get Refurbished to be sold through our TradeMe page, this allows us funding to continue to offer a Free Collection and Recycling Service. We also regularly send items back to the Pacific Islands.

Printers and Tv’s

As TVs and Printer have nearly no Second hand or scrap value, these items may incur a surcharge:

Upto $10 per TV.

Upto $5 per Printer. (excluding Photocopiers)

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* CRT Monitors and TV sets and Printers will incur a small fee.

* Collections under 5 Computers/Laptops/Servers will incur a small fee.

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Based in Auckland on the North Shore.

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