Unlike many others operating in Auckland, we offer a Free, Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Recycling and Disposal Solution for Computer, IT and Electronic Waste.

We collect e-waste, Computers, Laptops, Servers, anything computer or electronic, consumer electronics, Cellphones, etc.

We also do End of Tenancy IT Cleanouts for office building where tenants are moving and need to dispose of excess IT and Computer Equipment!


We collect Li-Ion, LiFePO4, and Lead Acid Batteries for free, as they can be dangerous if disposed of inproperly. We can provide a second life for lower capacity cells testing and selling them on our TradeMe site and properly dispose of those that fail our tests.


We offer free hard drive data destruction services when you have 10 hard drives or more, we use the industry standard US DoD 5220.22-M which is a 3 pass full data erase, any drives we can reuse are fitted to the computers we refurbish, drives containing sensitive data are sent to be shredded, and any unusable drives where possible are donated to local school IT labs to help educate the next generation of IT engineers.

Scrap Computers/IT equipment:

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, and IT equipment, get checked over and assessed, all items get the data erased, checked and tested, any item where possible gets Refurbished to the highest standards to be sold through TradeMe, this allows us funding to continue to offer a Free Collection and Recycling Service. Any items too old, or faulty, get re-assessed, a lot of items not suitable for reselling through TradeMe can still be refurbished, and offered to lower decile schools or low-income families to help them and their children learn basic computer skills, we also regularly send items back to the Pacific Islands, items such as old radios, projector and of course older laptops, whilst not very useful in NZ can be a tremendous assistance for them.

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